Hitch a ride on NASA’s lunar vehicle in this incredible Full HD video

Youtuber retrieves videos from the Apollo mission and converts them to 60 fps and full HD resolution – the result is immersive images from the Moon expeditions taken 50 years ago

On July 31, 1971, Apollo 15 became the first mission to use the Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV), nicknamed “moon buggy”, an electric vehicle designed to operate in the low-gravity vacuum of the Moon. astronauts were able to cross the lunar surface and carry out various activities and experiments.

Want to know what it was like to ride a ride on one of them? just put the video below in full screen and enjoy the ride.

These are images of the Apollo 16 mission, published by NASA, which were improved by the youtuber Dutchsteammachine. Using Artificial Intelligence, the editor transformed the captured images in 16 mm and increased the frame rate from 12fps to 60fps. To complete the experiment, Dutchsteammachine corrected the colors and synchronized the audio of the astronauts’ radio.

“With my own cutting-edge equipment and the help of others, I am able to bring the past to life as never before. Everything from Nasa tapes used during the Apollo mission to original World War II Kodachrome slides and 16 mm films taken in the 1920s “, explains Dutchsteammachine on the page of his project in Patreon, in which he collects contributions from internet users to continue restoring historical images.

The Apollo mission is one of the youtuber’s favorite themes. So far there are 15 videos with improved images of landings, takeoffs, rover trips and activities of NASA mission astronauts, all with at least 24 fps and full HD resolution. As the lunar equipment had 16mm and 70mm cameras, the images have an exceptional quality, even 50 years later.

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