‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ will be released for PC on August 7

Pre-order is now available on Steam and Epic Games Store

It was recently announced that ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’, one of the PlayStation 4 exclusives, would be released for the PC. However, there was still no date for this to happen. It has now been revealed that the title will be released on August 7.

In addition, the price of the game has also been revealed. On Steam, the title can be booked for R $ 93.99. The Epic Games Store also offers the opportunity to pre-sell ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’, however, with a small price difference: R $ 94.99. Remember that it arrives in a definitive edition, that means it has all the additional content released until then.

To celebrate the announcement of the release date, Guerilla Games, developer of the game, released a new trailer that shows the improvements present in the version that arrives on the PC. Among the novelties, we can highlight the support for ultra-wide monitor, unlocked frame rate and customizable graphic options.

The game is the first PlayStation 4 exclusive to migrate to a second platform. According to Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Worldwide Studios, the launch is a way to “introduce more people to PlayStation and show what they are missing”.

Last month, during an event organized by Sony to showcase some of the upcoming PlayStation 5 games – which ended up revealing the console itself – Guerilla Games announced ‘Horizon Forbidden West’, the second game in the series.

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