How is inside the gigantic storage center of Mercado Libre that Moyano truckers tried to block

After the blockade that Truckers carried out on five distribution centers of Mercado Libre and the attempt to intervene the storage, the company tweeted a video showing the huge establishment in La Matanza, from where shipments are centralized.

Beyond the complex juncture between the company that Marcos Galperín founded and unionism, it is a effective system to guarantee shipments that move huge numbers.

It is a space of 65,000 square meters, with a monthly average of 2 million products received, organized and distributed.

Per hour some are classified 14,000 packages, and links about 4,000 shops between small and medium-sized companies and other larger ones.

65,000 square meters.  (Free market)

65,000 square meters. (Free market)

With 1,300 employees, 90 vehicles can enter the premises simultaneously per hour to receive and dispatch products, covering shipments throughout the country.

Mercado Libre is based on a model called “fulfillment”,“ Which specializes in the reception, storage, packaging and shipping of its own products and those of third parties ”, they explain from the official page of the site.

Given the comparison with Amazon, which is obvious, there is a fundamental difference. “The model is used in various ecommerce of the world. Mercadolibre and Amazon have different things: Amazon is a ‘first party‘that is, it owns most of the products, while Mercado Libre is “third party”Connects buyers with sellers,” explained Clarín from the company.

And they added: “They are different models, but they are one of those used in the best logistics centers in the world. And Mercado Libre already has 5 in other countries, this is the first in Argentina.”

Surely many of us have seen a “ray” what does it say “full”Next to a Mercado Libre publication.

That means the product is in the storage center. And therefore, you have a better chance of getting there faster, Because Mercado Libre takes control of the storage and distribution process.

“The storage center stores the products before the sale. Keep stock of sellers for four weeks. If a seller sells 100 wallets per month, the wallets are lifted, they are taken to the storage center and when a buyer filters by “full” and buys that wallet, the shipping is faster because it leaves directly from the storage center, “they explained. to Clarín.

Massive packaging of products.  (Free market)

Massive packaging of products. (Free market)

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Regarding the products that are stored, the answer is: everything. From cell phones, televisions, and small appliances to toys, household items, and cleaning products.

“Currently, the Center provides loading, unloading, classification, temporary storage and packaging services for products marketed through different digital platforms. It is a model establishment, developed with state-of-the-art technology, which is generating a strong socioeconomic impact in the community where it operates: it already has 1,300 employees, ”they assure.

The route of the products: Truckers blocked the yellow one and tried to intervene the green one.  (Free market)

The route of the products: Truckers blocked the yellow one and tried to intervene the green one. (Free market)

The cast actors.  (Free market)

The cast actors. (Free market)

“Located in the Tapiales neighborhood, it has 65,000 square meters and had an investment of 71 million dollars,” they add.

Mercado Libre storage center.  (Free market)

Mercado Libre storage center. (Free market)

Some data from the storage center

  • Allows automated sorting of more than 14,000 packages per hour.
  • Currently stores products of more than 4,000 shops and small and medium-sized companies who work with Mercado Libre.
  • He 80% of the products arrive at most in 48 hours throughout the country.
  • It has 1,300 employees. The average age of employees is 22 years old. For him 67% is their first job.
  • Almost half of the collaborators (46%) they are women.
  • The teams work from Sunday afternoon to Saturday morning. It closes only 24 hours on weekends.

“It is the first in Argentina and Mercado Libre already has seven in the region, with successful experiences in Mexico and Brazil (where it is building two more), and in Chile and Colombia,” they add.

Mercado Libre storage center.  (Free market)

Mercado Libre storage center. (Free market)



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