How to add exclusive features to WhatsApp

WhatsApp It is a much more complex tool than most people think, there are a huge number of functions that we do not know and not only that: there are MODs WhatsApp that could be of great use and unknown to you.

The MODs are versions of an application with special functions, exclusive, that replace the native official application. These developments are made by companies other than the original, so they have their own terms and conditions, which of course we invite you to review, as a result of it is not convenient to install any MOD and it is recommended check comments before installing and start using one, as a result of improper use can block your account.

What are the WhatsApp MODs for?

The fundamental value they provide are the customization options and extra features. Among others, we can highlight the possibility of adding custom themes to the interface, new emojis, animations, colors or GIFs different from those of the original app, the possibility of sending longer videos, with better definition and heavier photographs or even the chance to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same device, easily.


WhatsApp Plus: a very interesting MOD

It is a tool that was born a few years ago to provide features claimed by the community that were not being implemented in the official app. It is a MOD created by a Spaniard nicknamed Rafalense, who was in charge of modifying the original WhatsApp application to provide it with many more customization options and functions in general.

There are those who have had bad experiences using it, mainly between the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015, when many users claim to have lost access to their online account as a result of their use. Despite this, WhatsApp Plus is active, although Rafalense decided to abandon the project to focus on your Telegram MOD and currently has another development team.

What does WhatsApp Plus contribute?

This is one of the Most popular MOD for Android on WhatsApp, which among other features allows a vast customization. Some of the most applauded are the new emojis, the general customization of the layout of the conversation screen, contacts, contact list or conversations, the possibility of hiding the last connection. Usually, allows you to have a WhatsApp more tailored to you.

Maybe you are not interested in hide your last connection, but in that a different one appears the last time you use the app, something that allows greater privacy, if that’s the case, WhatsApp Plus can be useful for you. It also allows listening to audios without other people knowing, which also applies to groups, hiding the blue double ticks, the message of ‘writing… ‘o’online ‘, view states without other users knowing, send images and videos larger or without compression. All these options are included in this MOD and modifiable from the control panel of the app.

In short, an alternative to WhatsApp that you can install at your own riskWe insist that there are many reports of accounts suspended for the use of WhatsApp MOD, but in case you are interested in trying it, you can get the latest version of WhatsApp Plus in iDownload.

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