How to add prepaid credits on PlayStation 4 using gift cards

Anyone who knows that games are always a great gift option. But as each person has their preferred style of play, gift cards with prepaid credits become a viable alternative. If you have a PlayStation 4 and were lucky enough to win one, or if you just bought it, but don’t know how to use it, this tutorial will solve your problem.

With a prepaid card of any value, turn on your PlayStation 4 and log in to the account that will receive the credit. Go to the Settings tab, choose the Account Management option and then choose Account Information. In the menu that will appear, you must select the Wallet option, where you can change payment methods and purchase settings.


In the Wallet menu, choose the Add Funds option. On this screen, you will be able to see the current balance of your wallet, add a credit or debit card, use a credit or debit card to insert credits or redeem promotional codes and gift cards, the latter being the option to be chosen.


Now you must insert the code with twelve digits that is located on the back of the present card, under the “scratch card”, and then select Continue. You will see a notice stating the value of the code to be credited to your wallet. If the data is correct, select Yes. The process will then be completed, with a message stating the new value of the portfolio balance. If you have another card, just choose the option Insert Another Code, or select OK to finish.

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