How to bookmark favorite messages on WhatsApp and access them later

WhatsApp is now a standard when it comes to messages shared over the Internet. With many more offers on the market, it is this service that most resort to chat and share a lot of information with their contacts.

As expected, there are features that not everyone knows about and that should be explored. WhatsApp allows favorite messages to be marked, to be later read and remembered by the user. Learn how to explore this feature.

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Those who exchange many messages over the Internet sometimes need to bookmark and save some. These messages can represent a special or expected response, so they must be highlighted and stored so that they can be read again later.

Save favorite messages on WhatsApp

To be able to do this step on WhatsApp, they must access the message they want to save and highlight it. It can be either a message from the user himself or from his WhatsApp contact.

When selecting and clicking on the chosen messages, a menu will be shown at the top, with some options to apply to them. Here you will find a star-shaped icon, which will mark these messages as favorites. A star will be shown in the message itself, for the same purpose.

Access the missives you saved for later

Later, whenever they want to access those same conversations or responses marked as favorites, they can do so simply. They just need to access the conversation of the contact they want to see and open the conversation menu. Then, they just need to choose to see their profile.

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Then you will have several options present, associated with the contact you chose. They must select the option Messages marked, to access what they have saved. Here, organized chronologically, you will find all the messages marked.

This is another one of the many options that not everyone knows or is used to using. With a simple touch they can mark and save the messages they want to reread later or simply have quick access.


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