How to change the default apps on Android and use better ones

The modularity of Android allows this system to be customized in a unique way. This is an advantage over other systems, which are only now beginning to give users the possibility to define their favorite apps.

At the limit, and on Android, it is possible for users to choose each of the apps they want to use, having a unique and very important freedom. This is a simple process that any user can do on their smartphone.

Android apps preset users change

Use the apps you want on Android

With a very complete and varied list of apps, users can easily choose their favorites. These only need to be installed to be immediately available, to be tested on Android and then used intensively.

Of course, you don’t need to be choosing this app every time you want to use it on a file type or to open a link received in an email. Android can assume that this is the default app in the future and thus always use the same app that the user has defined and chosen.

It’s simple to change the presets

To change the pre-defined app on Android to an action or a file type, you only need to take a few simple steps on this system. They should start by opening the Settings and then search the list of options for Applications and then for Default applications.

Then they must choose the option Default applications, to have access to the desired list. They can immediately choose which app they want to change to another one already installed, focusing on one type of action they want to permanently change.

Users choose the ones they want to use

Just choose one of those applications that are present in that area and the change process begins. Android will show installed apps that can replace the one that is selected to be used natively.

Of course, later on this process can be repeated and changed to another app if they so wish. Thus, Android is always at the user’s taste and with the right apps and that he wants to use permanently. This is the advantage of being able to change the predefined apps in a simple way.


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