How to create a character with an ‘invisible name’ in Among Us

One of the games that is being the sensation of the moment is “Among Us”, which despite having been released in 2018 ended up becoming more popular now with several streamers playing it. In it, a serial killer is on board his ship and it is up to you and your friends to find out who the imposter is.

With the help of a little trick, by being in the role of an imposter, you can make your life easier by using an invisible name or nickname for your departures, which facilitates the task of walking around the ship drawing less attention. Next, here’s how to put an invisible name for your character in Among Us.


The tutorial below shows a method of creating a character with your “invisible name” without having to use third party applications. The procedure below was tested by the Olhar Digital team on PCs and cell phones, however, it only worked on cell phones.

How to use an invisible name on Among Us characters

The process for you to create an unnamed character is very simple and quick to do. Check out:

1. Access Google Play or the App Store and update Among Us to the latest version available;

2. Open this article Digital Look in the browser and copy the following code without the quotes: “ㅤ”;


3. Open Among Us as usual and choose whether to create a local or online game;

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4. Touch the top field where “Enter name” is written to be able to enter your name;


5. Then, using the virtual keyboard, paste the “code” that you just copied to the “clipboard” of the cell phone. If this option does not appear, check if the download area of ​​your virtual keyboard is activated;


6. Start the game.

Ready! Now you know how to use an invisible name in Among Us to make your life as an imposter in the game easier.

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