How to download ‘Genshin Impact’ on iOS

The RPG game ‘Genshin Impact’, by the Chinese myHoYo, remains a highlight among plant gamers. The new “fever” of the segment has versions for several popular platforms, and brings as a differential a completely open map where players can improve their characters in both online and offline matches.

The game’s storyline involves the story of two twin brothers with different magical powers. Both are playable characters at the beginning of the game, depending on the player’s choice, and one of them will be stuck in one of the game worlds. The main character’s goal is to regain his powers in order to rescue the lost brother.

If you want to start gambling on any device that runs iOS, check below how to install the game on both iPhone and iPad.

How to download ‘Genshin Impact’ on iOS

1. Access the official game page on the iPhone or iPad;
2. Then click on ‘Download Now‘;
3. The page will redirect you directly to the App Store, where you can download the game application by clicking on ‘Get‘.

Image: App Store / Reprodu

Oapp takes up just over 2 GB of internal storage, so make sure the device has enough space before downloading the game. Image: App Store / Reproduo

Compatible devices

For the game to run, ‘Genshin Impact’ has a minimum requirement of iOS version 9.0 or higher. In the case of iPhones, all devices launched from the iPhone 5s are compatible with the title. If you want to play on iPad, the minimum device recommended is the original iPad Air. It is worth mentioning that the gameplay should be slightly superior on newer devices thanks to the most powerful and current hardware.

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As it is a title that is on the rise, it may be that the download speed is impacted by the high demand on Apple’s servers. Finally, for Brazilian players, the developer was careful to add subtitles translated to Portuguese in the game. The title is also distributed free of charge to PS4, Android and Windows.

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