How to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Internet citizens not only turn to multimedia to escape from everyday anxiety and loneliness crises, but they do it, almost in equal measure, to identify themselves, to share, to say through meaning. This practice is visualized in memes, photos and videos that are shared by the thousands on the web.

In regards to memes and photographs, with a few clicks it reaches us but … How can we download video from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other streaming sites?

The answer is simple: installing these extensions.

How to download videos from Facebook

Before, you could download a video simply with a right click -> “save video as …” but that makes you not stay as long on a social network, because you can consume the content you want without having to do it on their platform ( And the corporations that run the networks don’t want you to leave), so they stop you. But any content that plays on your device (whatever it is), “is” on your device right now … why not download it?

Video Download for Facebook It is a very simple Chrome extension to use. After installing it -you can find it at this link- you will see that on Facebook a download btn begins to appear in the upper right corner of each video. Click and enjoy!

There are thousands of alternatives but we cannot use official Chrome extensions, as a result of which Google does not admit within its store the presence of apps that allow downloading videos from YouTube. How to solve it? Installing Video Download Helper for Firefox. It is an addon for the browser of the Mozilla people. You install it, grant it permissions and you’ll see a new logo in the browser’s taskbar. There are three circles -the logo of the app- that when inactive appear in black and white, but as soon as a download video is detected they take color.

Clicking above you will find the download options. This app will serve you practically for any type of download, since what it detects is streaming video, so it works for YouTube, but also for videos from any communication medium, practically whatever you want.

You can download it from here.

How to download videos from Twitter

In the case of Twitter we are going to resort to a webapp (an application mounted on a website). Twitter Video Downloader It is one that allows you to download videos and GIFs from the Twits platform. It is highly intuitive and only asks for the link to the content, detects it and downloads it.

Try Twitter Video Downloader.

How to download videos from Instagram

The most complicated of the networks, because its Desktop version is extremely poor and it is closed to you to use the functions with which you would download other materials. For Instagram we are going to install a Chrome extension (which also has its analog in Firefox). As you can see the people who develop applications do not put much effort to the names. Similar happens with Instagram, but the app is really useful. It’s called Video Downloader for Instagram and you can install it from this link.

In technology there are as many users as there are ways of doing something, Here we list our alternatives, which are yours?

Let’s share in the comments!

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