How to eliminate Internet Explorer from inside Windows 10

The changes that Windows 10 has received have changed this system profoundly, but not necessarily negatively. These are necessary changes that make it even better for all users.

Among these changes is Edge, which has seen two completely different versions. Always present is Internet Explorer, which, even if not used, continues to occupy space and resources in this operating system. Fortunately removing this browser is simple and quick, for anyone who wants to.

Internet Explorer Windows 10 Microsoft browser remove

Still using Internet Explorer?

With so much on offer, it is certainly simple for Windows 10 users to have a browser adapted to what they want and want. The most logical option is certainly to use Edge, Chrome or Firefox, leaving behind the classic of this system, Internet Explorer.

Thus, it is unnecessary to have this browser already present. Removing it may be a will and Microsoft has made the process of removing it from Windows 10 simple. Just remove an option and it will disappear from this operating system for good.

Internet Explorer Windows 10 Microsoft browser remove

Removing this browser is simple

Start by opening Windows 10 Settings and on the main screen look for the Applications option. There you should choose the Applications and features tab and then, on the right side of the window, choose the Programs and Features option.

This will open a new window, where all the apps that are installed on Windows 10 are present. We are looking for a Microsoft special here, which is not on this list presented here.

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Internet Explorer Windows 10 Microsoft browser remove

Fast on Windows 10

It is in an area dedicated to these internal elements of the operating system. You must then choose the option Enable or disable Windows features, which will open a new list of options now dedicated to the Microsoft system.

These are hidden and house the ones that not all users use and that they need for their daily lives. These are special options that activate features dedicated to very specific areas for Windows 10.

Internet Explorer Windows 10 Microsoft browser remove

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer disappears

Inside, you should look for the Internet Explorer option, which should be active in this list. They just need to disable this option and agree to the alert that the system displays. Internet Explorer is immediately marked to be removed from Windows 10.

They just need to follow the steps that the system shows and restart the system, just to ensure that the removal is done correctly. Thus the old browser disappears and gives space to the latest and most prepared versions. Of course, they can repeat the process and bring back the best-known browser from Windows 10 and Microsoft.


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