How to get ‘Torchlight 2’ for free on PC

The series “Torchlight” is an action RPG, which is quite successful due to some of its mechanics being similar to the game Diablo. In turn, in “Torchlight 2”, which was released in 2012, the player embarks on a journey to stop a villain who is looking to use Ordrak’s powers to spread evil around the world.

The good news is that “Torchlight 2” is being distributed for free by Epic Games, the virtual computer games store, for a limited time. Next, see how to get free “Torchlight 2” on your PC.


“Torchlight 2” was made available for free at Epic Games yesterday (16) at noon can only be obtained this way until the day July 23. Here, it’s worth remembering, once the game is added to your library, you can play it forever.

How to get “Torchlight 2” for free

The process for obtaining this free title through Epic Games is quite simple, as it is necessary to have the store’s client installed on the computer to download and play it, as shown below. Check out:

1. Access the Epic Games website normally in the browser of your choice;

2. On the loaded page, locate the “Free Games” part and choose “Torchlight 2”;


3. On the game page, click on “Get”, which is right next to your description;


4. Log in with your Epic Games account or, if necessary, create a new one;

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5. On the new page, click on “Place Order” or “Place Order”. In some cases, the Epic Games website changes the language used automatically for certain actions;


6. Wait for the message that your order has been confirmed or successfully placed.


How to download Torchlight 2 for free at Epic Games

Open the Epic Games client on your computer and download the game through your “Library”. If you do not have the Epic Games client installed, you can obtain it through a link in the previous step. If the “install” button is unavailable to you, close and reopen the Epic Games client.


Ready! Now, you already know how to get “Torchlight 2” for free on your computer.


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