How to measure internet speed on PC or Android

Although necessary, the mandatory quarantine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, confined millions of people to their homes, increasing the demand on the service of Internet. Thus, the home plans that were usually used to surf sporadically the web, making an online purchase, listening to music or watching a movie via streaming, suddenly found themselves responding to the needs of the home office, online schooling and the constant downloading of information. It is not surprising then, that many users began to perceive some slowness in the internet speed.

Fortunately, without being an expert, anyone can measure the speed of the service of Internet you have contracted, and check whether or not there are problems that warrant contacting the provider. Let there be some slowness, is this really a difficult problem to solve?

Quarantine.  Everyone at home.  All connected to the Internet.

Quarantine. Everyone at home. All connected to the Internet.

To answer this question, it is necessary to know first, that everything Internet It basically consists of two processes: one for uploading and one for downloading data. “While the first is used when you generate content yourself and want to upload it to the web, the other is for download. Usually in a house, speed The descent rate is usually greater than the rise rate, and about 80% of the bandwidth, tends to be available for the consumption of information ”, explains Jorge Velázquez, University Technician in Web and Mobile Development.

But, as well as the amount of data that can be transferred per second, that is, what is commonly known as the internet speed“To find out if there is any type of problem in the service, it is also important to know how long it takes for the information to be sent (the so-called ping) and whether or not the loss of packets occurs,” adds Marco Paolantonio, developer. computer scientist, owner of Gix.

How to measure internet speed

When Internet seems slow, a good tool is to do a speed test. It is very simple. It simply consists of accessing one of the numerous web pages intended for this purpose, such as that of the Association of Internet Users (; or even to the provider’s own page Internet that each one has, that provide a real reading of the speed at which the device is downloading and uploading data.

FAST measures the speed of Internet connection.

FAST measures the speed of Internet connection.

To do this, they first measure the connection response time. Then they send an information packet to the device from which the test started, and wait for a response that is automatically generated. With this, they perform a measurement of the ping, as well as the rise and fall times.

The best thing is that speed tests They take a few seconds, are usually free and can be done in the same way from any device, be it a PC, tablet or Android phone.

Also on the web you can easily find free internet measurement sites. For example, the FAST ( that opens directly from the PC or devices in a quick measurement of how our speed is.

It measures both the Wi-Fi network and the cell phone or device.

It measures both the Wi-Fi network and the cell phone or device.

Tip for measuring speed

Although the speed test It is one click away, before starting it, it is recommended to connect the device to the router by cable and not use the Wifi network for this. Factors associated with wireless technology, such as the encryption of security connections or the drop in signal strength, can cause a decrease in speed.

At the time of measurement, it is also important that the computer or device used is not running any program or using another service for Internet, like Netflix, which can consume the bandwidth of the connection. Therefore, it is equally important to disconnect from the network other devices that are working at home.

The virtual classes of the schools: connected to the Internet.

The virtual classes of the schools: connected to the Internet.

How to interpret the received data

To confirm or rule out a problem, once you have the data from the speed test, must be compared with the internet speed hired. Thus, for example, if this is 100 megabytes, the upload speed thrown by the test should tend to this number, although it will never be exactly the same, warns coach Jorge Velázquez.

While slower download and upload speeds may be indicating a problem with the Internet or with the router, if the values ​​provided by the test are normal, there may be problems with the website you were trying to access, or that the speeds of Internet of the home are not good enough to sustain that type of navigation.

Now, what to do if a problem is detected?

Although the problems in internet speed They can be due to numerous factors, from the location of the router to a saturation of the service or malware (harmful program), as a first step it is always convenient to restart the modem, recommends the developer Marco Paolantonio. If there is no improvement, it may be time to arm yourself with patience and contact your Internet.


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