How to prevent WhatsApp from hacking you

The WhatsApp service is not only the channel chosen by more than 2 billion users to communicate on a daily basis, but also a repository of valuable information, contacts and files they can be targeted by intruders. To avoid any type of interference, the app has a specific security function that protects the user’s privacy as much as possible.

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The platform, owned by Facebook, incorporated in 2017 an optional function called “two-step verification”, as they have email platforms or social networks. It’s about a unique six-digit code (PIN) that fulfills the task of increasing security in the application.


The “Two-Step Verification” on WhatsApp.

To enable it you must enter WhastApp and access the “Settings” option. Then, in the “Account” section, you will see among the options the so-called “Two-Step Verification”. You just have to press “Activate” and you will have your chats insured.

What happens if I forget my PIN

By activating this particular security function, WhatsApp optionally offers the possibility of enter an email reference. This resource allows the user to send a link with which you can disable two-step verification, in case you forget the six-digit PIN, and thus protect your account.


The “Two-Step Verification” on WhatsApp.

In case you choose to deactivate the function, it is recommended to re-enter WhatsApp settings to reactivate it, choose a new WhatsApp verification PIN and of course, indicate a valid email address in case you ever lose the PIN of check.


The “Two-Step Verification” on WhatsApp.

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An important point is that if the user were to receive an email to deactivate the “two-step verification” function without having requested it, they should not click on that link because it may be someone who is trying to verify the phone number.

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