How to share websites on Android Chrome with a simple QR code

Google has given Chrome many tools and features that go beyond Internet browsing. They want to make this browser even better and give users what they need to use this browser even better.

The news has emerged, quickly and directly, proving that there is still much to be created and to be improved. One of the most recent news allows sharing pages very simply. With a simple QR code they can do this process.

Chrome Android Google QR code

Sharing websites is not always a simple process. On computers just copy the address and then send it quickly to the recipient, but this process is not straight on a smartphone. Google has now decided to change this paradigm in a simple way.

Enable this Chrome feature

The first step you should take is to activate 3 Chrome specific flags on Android. It can be done in the latest version of this browser, thus being global and accessible to all users. Start by placing chrome: // flags in the address bar of this Google proposal.

Inside, search for Share and activate the following 3 flags: Chrome Share QRCodes, Chrome Share Screenshots and Chrome Sharing Hub. After this step, the Google browser will ask you to restart, something you should do immediately.

Create a QR code to share

Now that the QR codes are accessible, they must access the website they want to share with other users on their smartphones. After that, they should open the Chrome menu, using the option at the top right of the app.

Inside, you will find the Share option, which is in the middle of this Chrome menu on Android. A sharing screen will be shown immediately, with the new option you are looking for at the top. We speak of the QR Code, which gives direct access to the QR code.

Share the code on an Android smartphone

The code that the user can use to share will appear immediately. The shape is known and will have in the middle the well-known dinosaur that we associate with Google’s Chrome. They just need to give this image to be read to anyone who wants to share the site.

In this same area you can access a QR code reader, which you can use to read similar shares from other users. Of course, these codes can also be read by any other app they already have on Android.

It is not known when Google will make the option active for users, but this way they can already use and test this very interesting novelty. Sharing is now much simpler, with a normal, well-known QR code that anyone can read.


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