How to spy on your partner’s WhatsApp without being discovered

In this note we are going to tell you about some of the techniques that exist to spy on someone else’s WhatsApp, after the arrest of the creator of WhatsApp Spy, an app that allows you to spy on your contacts but that in the end could never achieve its purpose. Even people who installed the app, WhatsApp blocked the number and “siamo fuori “.

The great interest that the subject arouses, is reflected in the queries that users make in Google, such as: “how to spy on WhatsApp” or “how to spy on WhatsApp”. For this reason, we have decided to write a compilation with all the possibilities that exist for spying and how much we can do. But we ask that you take all precautions in this regard and more if you have an iPhone as SIRI It can be your worst enemy.

All these attacks that we are going to describe can be deactivated, but we will publish that in the next few days.

Spy on WhatsApp knowing the victim’s phone

In case you know the phone number of the account associated with WhatsApp, you can get information about the owner and even the associated public photograph, but there is no service that allows you to get to the conversations. This is the scam that publishes all the news related to the topic. Almost all magic hacking apps are scams and will either block your number or use your own information for subjective purposes.

We also recommend that you run away from magic shows that promise you this. Unfortunately it’s usually a malware and ruin your cell phone, steal all the information you can, in a couple of minutes.

The fact: before there was an app called WhatsSpy Public that allows you to see all this information from your friends or partner on WhatsApp:

She was shot by Mark Zuckerberg once he took over WhatsApp. Fabulous things can be done, some are shown in this long but exciting video indexed in these words

Spy WhatsApp through WhatsApp Web

Unaware of all the functions of the application, many have the WhatsApp Web permanently open with a session on their partner’s computer. This means that all messages you receive will also be read by your partner and goodbye to privacy!

That is why, WhatsApp knowing this type of practices around the world, decided to alert users when they have open sessions. But even, those users with little technology, dismiss the ad by being 100% spied on.

We always recommend you to check your open sessions on WhatsApp Web, it is the window of choice for spying not only on your partner, but also on your coworkers.

Spy WhatsApp through Siri

-How can I help you? I am Siri

-Nothing, delete yourself!

I advise you two things if you have iPhone. Do not give Siri permission to read your messages, because you will be able to be easily spied on. Also, in case with simple voice commands you can unlock your phone, Siri has serious flaws and if the voice pattern seems familiar enough, expose the content of your phone. Shut Siri!

Spy on WhatsApp with a forensic process

It should be noted that if a forensic analyst has a terminal to which he must perform an analysis, he can remove the conversations from the databases, and if we are talking about an Android terminal with the database encrypted in the latest version, he could even remove WhatsApp screens from device memory with RetroScope or other advanced software in the matter. But you should be lucky to have such a friend.

Spy on WhatsApp with direct access to the terminal

If you have the phone nearby and you have the preview of SMS messages activated, you could install a WhatsApp on a tablet and ask for the confirmation SMS to steal the account and download the previous conversations. This is the same case as stealing the Hotmail / Gmail account with an iPhone and the SMS preview.

Spy on WhatsApp while your partner is in airplane mode

Finally, the strawberry of the dessert. Thanks to the message retransmission bug, all the messages sent could be accessed while the terminal is in airplane mode, so a person could have a duplicate of the SIM and capture all the messages sent to him while he is flying. I invite you to watch this extensive video but it explains how to do it.

There are millions of ways to really spy WhatsApp, and there are few serious ones, published on the web. Even when Mark wants to make his star app the most secure in the world, he leaves gaps impossible to fill, even with the existence of libraries in Python where you can also access super interesting data.

It is short, if the information travels, it can always be intercepted at some point. Be careful!

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