How to use the new file recovery tool in Windows 10

Microsoft is always attentive to users’ needs and therefore focuses on bringing the tools they need. It transports this to Windows 10, so it is prepared to respond to the needs that arise.

An example of this stance is in the most recent tool he presented. Windows File Recovery brings the much-requested function to recover deleted files. It does not have a graphical interface, but it is very simple to use.

Windows 10 recover deleted Microsoft files

Usar a grande novidade do Windows 10

Para usar esta ferramenta ferramenta no Windows 10, devem primeiro instalá-la diretamente da loja da Microsoft. Depois, e numa simples janela do DOS ou da PoweShell, basta executarem o comando, com as informações certas, ligando a pen, o disco ou o cartão de memória ao Windows 10.

winfr source-drive: destination-folder [/switches]

Everything is based on the winfr command, with the indication of the source drive, from where the files were deleted. They must also indicate where they want the files to be recovered and whether they also want a specific type.

Windows 10 recover deleted Microsoft files

A command to recover deleted files

It is simple to obtain this data, for example, just looking at the Windows 10 file manager. Here you find the letter associated with the drive to be recovered and you can also choose the destination. The type of files. If you prefer, you can retrieve a single element.

winfr E: D:Pplware /y:jpg

In the example above, we are recovering jpg files, which were on the E: drive to the D: disk, in the Pplware folder. Of course you can change this data, recovering mp3 or docx files.

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Windows 10 recover deleted Microsoft files

The many options that Microsoft gave winfr

You can also use the / n flag and define the file name, using a wildcard (or not) – / n pplware_img _ *. jpg. Explore the flags present for more options. After that, they must execute the command in the Windows 10 Terminal.

A summary of what the command will perform will be displayed, asking for confirmation. Immediately the elements that are being recovered are shown in the terminal. At the end, you will be asked if you want to visit the location where they were recovered. You can and must agree to see them.


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