How to use the new map that Google Photos gives users

It was days ago that Google announced one of the biggest changes ever in Google Photos. He didn’t just change the app and service icon and went further, changing the interface itself and what it offers to users.

With a profound change in the interface, there are some very interesting news that have emerged. One is the possibility of having a map where it is possible to have an overview of all the places where we took pictures.

Google Photos map photos users

The latest news from Google Photos

This new feature from Google is reaching users these days. Photos now has a completely renewed image and gives users a completely new and more intuitive user experience for everyone who knows the service.

The new logo immediately reveals that there are changes and that the main features have been changed or improved. One of them, the map, gives users a simpler way to browse the photographs they have been taking over the years.

The map shows the key places you’ve been

To use this novelty they must choose the Search area. Here you can find everything to find your favorite photos. In addition to the well-known search for terms, which detects much of what is intended, there is now a Places area.

In this they will have in mind the map of the Gogole Photos they want to use. It should be centered on where you are at the moment, but you should choose the option Explore the map. This will open the map, which will show areas with the density of the number of photos present.

User images easier to find

At any time you can download the photo area and have access to the complete map on the screen. This can be increased or decreased with the normal pinch, thus allowing to see areas where photographs were taken. Once again the color map helps the user.

Another advantage of using the map is to see the date when the last images were captured and saved in Google Photos. This date appears at the top of the photo area, and can be pulled up and thus see the images that are associated with this location.

New way to browse photos

Once the location is chosen, just click on one of these images so that they can access the list and scroll through them. It is a simple and direct way to remember all the moments and review what happened in each of these places.

This is one of the best news that Google has brought to Maps in recent years. It gives the user the freedom to browse their photographs and thus have access by location and not by date. This is a simpler way to access what you are looking for.


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