Huawei is committed to gender equality: announced a program to train 300 young Argentines

The Chinese giant of cell phones and telecommunications, Huawei, presented the new edition of Same ICT, a program that aims to bridging the gender gap in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector in Argentina.

In a first phase, which began in 2020 and will continue through 2021, the company promises that the initiative will reach more than 300 female students.

In this instance, two central initiatives will be implemented: a series of talks to give visibility to the issue and put it on the agenda of the different sectors of society; Y a program of international training and certifications.

One of the key points of the program is make women leaders visible of the present to empower other young women and, at the same time, promote the current development of the young leaders of the future.

Zaida Caiguara Ramirez, 26, was one of the finalists in the Seeds for the Future 2020 program. Photo: Huwei.

Zaida Caiguara Ramirez, 26, was one of the finalists in the Seeds for the Future 2020 program. Photo: Huwei.

In this sense, the initiative has a Huawei Ambassador for the promotion and Digital Inclusion. This is Zaida Caiguara Ramirez, a 26-year-old student from La Quiaca, Seeds for the Future 2020 finalist -another of the company’s educational programs-.

His fanaticism for technology took on greater prominence when he made in-depth contact with the telecommunications during his five years of study in Electronic Engineering at the National University of Tucumán (UNT).

Throughout his studies he had to carry out projects such as ccreate a radio that broadcasts a meter away, among others, who assured him that ICTs were his thing. Among his achievements he was also a finalist for Seeds for the Future 2020 -another of the company’s educational programs-.

The Argentina that I love is the land of opportunities. Being a student also implies being an agent of change, so we started a project that aims to strengthen education and ICT, in this way we will encourage more women and young people to develop in these areas, “said the young Kolla.

Zaida will collaborate in the development of the action through her active participation in Igual ICT activities, sharing her experience with other young women.

Connecting is not just joining cables or installing antennas, it is bringing people together transcending distances, opening the doors to a new reality.

Zaida Caiguara Ramirez, Huawei ambassador.

The same ICT also includes a broad gender agenda and long term that the Chinese company will carry out through different activities and articulations with multiple sectors of society: Government, third sector organizations, other companies in the field, international organizations and chambers, among other actors.

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“From Huawei, with this program we seek to increase the participation of women in ICT and that is why we collaborate with multiple actors in society who play a role in the training of young women,” says the CEO of Huawei Argentina, Steven Chen Shiqing.

Same ICT in 2020

The program will begin this year through a cycle of three-day talks, to be held on November 3 and 30 and December 15, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., via streaming. Entrance will be free and will be oriented to students from all over the country.

The cross-cutting axis will be the gender perspective, and from this point of view it will be discussed about equality and the projects that are already contributing to narrowing the gender gap in the ICT sector.

Different meetings will participate industry benchmarks: ICT specialists, government officials, academic sector authorities, NGO managers, students, business leaders, entrepreneurs and journalists.

A holistic commitment to education Likewise, .Igual ICT aligns with Huawei’s global programs: Seeds for the Future (Seeds for the future), which has been implemented in Argentina since 2017 and has already reached more than 1,000 students from 70 educational institutions from different regions of the country. Also to ICT Talent Contest, which has already reached more than 850 students from all over the country, since 2018. It offers the possibility of accessing technical knowledge and international certifications.

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