Huawei says already released devices will continue to receive updates

On August 13, the temporary license that Huawei maintained to use Android in a normal way (even without Google services), expired. The American Trade Commission has given no indication of renewal, threatening to leave Huawei smartphones at risk of running out of security updates.

However, according to Huawei, on its official Twitter page, there is no reason to fear. The devices already launched by Huawei will continue to receive appropriate security and functionality updates, the Chinese brand says.

Hi there, thank you for your message. There is no impact on existing devices. We will continue to share security and software updates to our devices, as we always have. If you have any questions, please let us know via DM.

– Huawei Mobile (@HuaweiMobile) August 17, 2020

Whether through Google for smartphones with GMS or through Huawei itself for equipment with HMS, the company guarantees that users will not lose access to updates.

Google has not yet confirmed Huawei’s claims

Although it looks like good news at first, Google has yet to confirm whether the updates will continue. The company had previously said that if the US government allows it, it will continue to send updates as normal.

As such, the “knife and cheese” are in the hands of the American government, led by Donald Trump. However, given the recent actions of the Trump administration, it does not appear that Huawei’s life will be facilitated, as it is constantly receiving restrictions on its equipment, in software and hardware.

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