Humans will live in glass dome on Mars, says Elon Musk

That Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, has quite ambitious plans in the news. One of the most interesting ideas to create a colony on Mars is to have a million people by 2050.

Now, Muskrevelou a little more about the venture. In a tute about the subject, he states that life will start with glass dome that will be terraformed “to support life, like the Earth”.

Terraforming is a process of modifying the atmosphere, temperature, ecology and topography of a planet to support an ecosystem like that of Earth. It is worth remembering that, at least for now, this concept is only hypothetical.

Still, Musk recognizes that the process “is too slow to be relevant in our lives”. And she adds: “However, we can establish a human base there while we are alive. At least one future space civilization, discovering our runes, will be impressed by how far humans have come”.


Glass bellows may be the solution to establish life on Mars. Photo: SergeyDV / Shutterstock

And when he comments that this process will be slow, the entrepreneur is right. In a recent analysis, experts conclude that 3,500 nuclear warheads exploding daily may be necessary to increase the atmospheric pressure of Martea at breathable levels.

However, even if this is possible one day, there is a major obstacle in this process. The resulting radiation would render the surface completely uninhabitable.

Despite this, Musk seems to have no intention of giving up on the idea. “If we do not improve our pace of progress, I will definitely be dead before we go to Mars,” he declared during the Satellite 2020 conference in Washington.

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If everything goes according to Musk’s ambitious plan, the businessman’s first spacecraft is due to arrive on the Red Planet in 2024.

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