iCloud Keychain from iOS 14 will alert you about weak or leaked passwords

IOS 14 brings numerous interesting and very useful news for the user. One of the novelties is that now the iCloud Keychain service brings some important improvements and will alert the user about weak or leaked passwords.

Digital security must be a subject that is being looked at with increasing attention, and luckily the tools themselves are currently an active part that help in this task.

ICloud Keychain is a service created by Apple that stores and synchronizes the user’s sensitive security data, keeping it safe and centralized. These data include the user name, website passwords, WiFi networks and even credit card information used on iOS. Users can access this tool through the iPad and iPhone.

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Thinking about the safety of its customers, Apple improved the iCloud Keychain service in the operating system iOS 14. With this update, Keychain will now be able to help users by giving them useful and relevant information about the quality of their passwords.

iCloud Keychain now alerts you to weak or leaked passwords

With iOS 14, Apple offers a new menu entitled “Security Recommendations”. Here, all user passwords that may jeopardize their accounts for some reason will be displayed.

In other words, iCloud Keychain will alert the user about the problem with each of the passwords, indicating, for example, if it is a weak and vulnerable password, or if it is a reused and compromised password.

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The service therefore suggests that the password be changed as a way of ensuring better security in protecting user accounts.

Keychain warns about weak and leaked passwords

Here are some examples of security alerts that iCloud Keychain now issues on iOS 14:

Many people have already used this password, which makes it easier to guess.

This password is easy to guess.

This password uses the string “123”. Using common patterns makes guessing passwords easier.

ICloud Keychain analyzes and verifies passwords that may be involved in a data leak, prompting the user to change them. This is an important alert as it suggests an immediate change of password and, therefore, avoid compromising user accounts.

macOS Bir Sur will also make this tool available

The novelty is also present in the macOS Big Sur and according to Apple:

Safari securely monitors your saved passwords, keeping an eye out for passwords that may be involved in a data leak. For this, Safari uses strong cryptographic techniques to regularly check the derivations of your passwords in a list of leaked passwords, in a safe and confidential way, not revealing information about your passwords, not even for Apple. If Safari finds a breach, it can help you update Sign In or automatically generate a new, secure password.

In addition to these improvements, Apple also announced a open source project to help developers support strong passwords compatible with popular sites.

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