Ideal for the weekend: 8 free games for PC and Xbox One

One more week, we players have at our disposal a large number of video games to download or try for free without spending any additional weight. Titles ranging from wartime action to American wrestling to world-quest adventures of fantasy or science fiction to rampant package delivery. Proposals for PC and Xbox One.

In this special we have not included the more than 20 classic games that are still available today in GOG to download, play and stay home. We have also wanted to focus on the main video games that are on promotion this weekend, ignoring many others that have also announced a game period or free download for these coming days through stores such as Steam.

Days of War [PC]

Type: Limited time trial

Driven Arts and Graffiti Games offers us this weekend to go back to World War II and experience as never before all the exciting and frantic action of the contest in a competitive shooter by teams that premiered not long ago, on January 30. The free trial lets users know how true the promise of a 32-user multiplayer title and solo game modes is.

Try Days of War on Steam for free until April 5

Gone Home [PC]

Type: Describe it and keep it forever!

Gone Home was when one of the best independent games that have passed through our hands came out thanks to a very well-planned story, capable of surprising us at every step we take. Do you think enough reason to go running now to the Epic Games Store and download the adventure? Even more so if you love walking simulator because we are facing one of its references.

Download Gone Home for free on the Epic Games Store until April 9

Hob [PC]

Type: Describe it and keep it forever!

Developed by the creators of Torchlight 1 and 2, Hob is presented as an ideal video game for all those players who like to get lost exploring, specifically touring an overwhelming and brutal world where chaos reigns, which is constantly changing transforming as we go in the game solving puzzles to make way for new areas to discover.

Free download Hob at Epic Games Store until April 9

Monster Energy Supercross 3 [Xbox One]

Type: Limited time trial

On Xbox One we will also have the option to enjoy Monster Energy Supercross 3 motocross races within the Xbox Live Gold Free Game Days. The official video game of this competition, which also has an interesting cooperative mode, was launched in early February and allows you to enjoy all the content of the 2019 season, including pilots, stadiums and official circuits.

Try Monster Energy Supercross 3 for free on the XBL Gold Free Play Days until April 5

Raymans Legends [PC]

Type: Describe it and keep it forever!

After Child of Light last week, Ubisoft gave us these days with another of its most beautiful video games released in recent years. We are talking about Raymans Legends, a platform adventure that knew how to take all the good things from Rayman Origins, released a few years before, to make your game offer something much more complete in which fun and good humor are guaranteed.

Download Raymans Legends for free on UPlay until April 3 (15:00 Spanish time)

Starlink: Battle for Atlas [Xbox One]

Type: Limited time trial

From Ubisoft Toronto we opened the doors to a rich universe of science fiction and exploration with spaceships in 2018 with Starlink: Battle for Atlas, an ambitious production accompanied by various toys that, without them, is equally enjoyable as Xbox users will see Live Gold on Free Game Days. Ready to tour its numerous and very varied planets?

Try Starlink for free on XBL Gold Free Play Days until April 5

Totally Reliable Delivery Service [PC]

Type: Describe it and keep it forever!

In these days of confinement at home, you are grateful for proposals to enjoy in a split screen cooperative, this is the case of Totally Reliable Delivery Service, a crazy game that makes us delivery men who have to deliver their package at all costs. Burning homework! The open world adventure guarantees endless distractions for the player, as well as hundreds of obstacles that can knock us out.

Download Totally Reliable Delivery Service for free at the Epic Games Store until April 8

WWE 2K20 [Xbox One]

Type: Limited time trial

Do you miss your favorite fighters from Raw, Smackdown, etc? With the suspension of WWE in the United States, fans of the North American wrestling show will have to review great battles of the past or make the leap to video games, a perfect occasion to take advantage of the presence of WWE 2K20 on Free Game Days for subscribers of Xbox Live Gold this weekend.

Try WW2K20 for free on XBL Gold Free Game Days until April 5


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