Image of crying girl on Mexican border wins World Press Photo


American photographer John Moore won the World Press Photo 2019 prize for his photo of Yanela Sanchez in tears.

The heartbreaking snapshot of a little Honduran girl in tears, staring at her mother searched by a US border agent, won the prestigious World Press Photo’s Photo of the Year award on Thursday. The judges considered that this photograph, which has been around the world, illustrates ” violence of another type, which is psychological “.

This image captured in June 2018 by John Moore, photographer for Getty, shows Sandra Sanchez and her daughter Yanela as they are apprehended by officers after illegally crossing the border between the United States and Mexico. Faced with the general stir created by the photo, the US customs and border protection service had clarified that Yanela and her mother were not among the thousands of migrants who were separated on their arrival in the United States. ” Nevertheless, the public outcry over this controversial practice led President Donald Trump to revise his policy last June. Said the judges of the Amsterdam-based competition.

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“I could see the fear in their eyes”

John Moore was photographing border services officers on the night of June 12, deep in the Rio Grande Valley, when they arrested a group of people trying to cross the border. ” I could see the fear in their faces, in their eyes », The photographer had confided to an American radio station. He says he took the photo when Sandra Sanchez put the girl on the ground to be searched. The child started to cry.

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John Moore receiving the World Press Photo award on April 11, 2019 in Amsterdam. © Albert Nieboer

I got down on one knee and had very little time before this moment was over Said the 51-year-old photographer, who has been covering the border between the United States and Mexico for the past ten years. ” I wanted to tell another story “, He told AFP during the ceremony in Amsterdam. ” It was for me a possibility to show a picture of humanity which often only appears in statistics “. He said in front of hundreds of guests at the ceremony: “ I think a subject like this, immigration issues, resonates beyond the United States, around the world. “.

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