Independent game ‘Takeshi and Hiroshi’ announced for Nintendo Switch

Last Tuesday (18), Nintendo promoted the broadcast of Indie World, a presentation that focuses on announcing new independent games for the Switch. Among the titles revealed is “Takeshi e Hiroshi”, which tells the story of the two brothers who gave the name to the game.

While Hiroshi is a weak little boy, Takeshi is his 14 year old brother who dreams of being a game designer to create a game especially for him.

The player must control the two characters while developing an RPG with monsters and obstacles for Hiroshi to have fun.


Nintendo Indie World. Image: Disclosure

“‘Takeshi and Hiroshi’ combines the two worlds of animation and RPG. The game tells the story of two brothers and their daily lives. Takeshi, 14, a future game designer, is creating a game for his younger, weaker brother , Hiroshi, who always wants to play the next chapter of the game as quickly as possible. As the game is still in development, Takeshi has to improvise and secretly plays some of the monster roles. Takeshi’s goal is to make Hiroshi really like his game, letting him face big challenges, but preferably avoiding him losing. He has to choose which monsters will appear and try harder as the challenge for him as a game creator becomes more difficult “, described Nintendo.

It is worth remembering that “Takeshi e Hiroshi” was originally released for Apple Arcade, Apple’s game subscription service, in November 2019. The game is now available for purchase in the eShop, for $ 8.09 (about 45 reais). It is not for sale, however, at the Brazilian Switch store.

Check out a brief trailer about the title below:

In addition to “Takeshi and Hiroshi”, Nintendo announced another 22 new games and an update. All the news you can check here, at Digital Look.

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