Instagram finalizes details of its function Reels: the weapon of Facebook to end TikTok

Instagram started testing in stunning Indian market his big bet to dethrone TikTok like the favorite app of centennials: the function Reels to create music videos of up to 15 seconds in stories.

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The new feature was developed by the company in November and launched for iOS and Android devices in Brazil. Through Reels users can create their own music videos selecting the music they want within a catalog or borrowing it from other videos.

Users who have this feature available can upload videos of up to 15 seconds in their stories, a feature that resembles the TikTok format.

Reels, what is coming soon on Instagram.

Reels, what is coming soon on Instagram.

According to anonymous sources told Business Insider, several users in India began to receive a new update from Instagram that includes the function Reels.

The new feature of the social network reaches users in India just days after the country’s government announced banning 59 apps from China, including TikTok.

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The Indian Ministry of Information Technology noted that the blocking of the applications was due to “being related to activities detrimental to the sovereignty and integrity of India, its defense, state security and public order.”

Source: DPA

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