Instagram redesigned its online store and has a tab dedicated to shopping

Instagram updated its feature to shop in the United States, and the changes will be reflected around the world: now, the “buy” tab in the app It looks different and is personalized, of course, according to the tastes of the user.

The biggest difference is that, instead of finding advertising while scrolling through friends’ posts, pages, and influencers, now the “shopping” tab is separated and organized according to the user’s tastes. This will make it easier to find online shopping.

Instagram promoted a shopping tab for some time and for some users, but the changes were revealed in a blog post on Thursday.

“Discover the latest trends, get personalized recommendations and preview exclusive releases, all in one place, so you can explore and buy the products you love,” the blog statement.

The collections, one of the main novelties

The collections organize the products.  (Instagram)

The collections organize the products. (Instagram)

Instagram will also allow you to choose special collections through your account @shop, which will also appear in the tab. The format will allow users to discover new accounts and stores based on their interests.

And the ecommerce that Instagram has in mind aims to be able to buy and sell absolutely anything: clothing, furniture, gift cards, services. Everything organized in “collections”.

In addition, the service allows browse by brandSo if the user is a big fan of a particular one, they can limit their shopping feed to only show their products. An interesting method if you also want to avoid falling into buying things that were not on the radar, and narrow the search to more restricted interests.

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Expansion around the world and the means of payment: Facebook Pay

The payment method, a sensitive topic for Facebook.  (Instagram)

The payment method, a sensitive topic for Facebook. (Instagram)

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The idea of ​​the company is to give more prominence to brands and the new site can already be seen in the United States. Starting this Thursday, the “Store” is available in the United States, and will arrive “in the coming weeks” to the rest of the world, as reported on its official blog.

In ittrends can be discovered and get personalized recommendations, or even access exclusive releases.

The company will complement the Store with its own tab in the navigation bar that will come later, and “in the coming weeks” it will Facebook Pay for purchases within the social network.

It is quite easy to pay: a symbol with two colorful arrows It means that Instagram users can buy the promoted product without opening another app or tab, to improve the experience and not have to go to another app. Facebook Pay is linked to the Instagram store to facilitate transactions.

This is another movement of the application in its relationship with Facebook, its owner, so that the brand is supported.

And a clear strategy of generate identity among influencers, who use and promote brands, and users by showing them that they can have the same thing they use through a simple swipe.

It is not yet known when it will arrive in Argentina.


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