IOS 14 brings a new feature in the Photographs of your iPhone

Last week Apple presented iOS 14 in another edition of WWDC. And the small details continue to be revealed, with features that can make a difference for some users.

In the native application “Photos” you can use gestures to zoom the photos. But as you can see in the images shared by the MacRumors website, on iOS 14 it is possible to take the zoom even further.

Photos app on iOS 14 allows for much more zoom

In the image below we see on the left the image as it was taken. In the middle is the maximum zoom you can achieve on iOS 13, and on the right the maximum zoom you can achieve on iOS 14.

Zoom iOS

You should keep in mind that this is a feature that will not bring you more detail to the image. However, you can analyze your photos even more closely.

The reason for this change

This stance by Apple is not yet clear, but the fans unfold in theories, and there is one that seems to win the bets. According to rumors, the iPhone 12 Pro may arrive with a camera with a larger number of megapixels, which will have led to this functionality.

This is a novelty that you will only benefit from if you use the Photos app on your iPhone with iOS 14. For now this version is in beta and contains some errors, but you can install it on your iPhone, with the help of this our article.

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