IPhone 12 will disappoint with the capacity of its batteries

One of the most acclaimed improvements on the iPhone 11 was the increase in the capacity of its batteries. With larger cells, combined with a more efficient processor, these models were quickly praised for their autonomy. However, this may be a thing of the past.

If what MySmartPrice is moving forward if confirmed, Apple will reduce the size of the batteries in the iPhone 12. According to the source, the American has recently certified three new batteries that should be used for its new smartphones.

Battery capacity of iPhone 12

  • iPhone 12 (5.4 inch) – 2227 mAh
  • iPhone 12 Max (6.1 inch) – 2775 mAh
  • iPhone 12 Pro (6.1 inch) – 2775 mAh
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7 inch) – 3687 mAh

If these data are confirmed, they will certainly be one of the points that least please all fans. This will revive users’ fear of not having enough autonomy by the end of the day.

iPhone 12

Something that will increase this fear will be the implementation of support for 5G networks. It is known that this technology requires more energy from the equipment, so the break in the autonomy of the iPhone 12 could be even greater.

In return, we will have a new processor, with a new lithography, which should increase its efficiency. Even so, support for 5G networks may eliminate the energy gains of your processor compared to the previous generation.

Higher loading speeds may help to disguise the problem

Accompanying the same certifications, we have data from two chargers: 5W and 20W. The first is what Apple usually included in the box of its smartphones, but apparently, this year the company will not offer any.

The certification of a 20W adapter is an indicator that Apple may slightly increase the charging speeds of the new iPhone 12. That would be a small reward in view of the expected loss of autonomy of the new models.

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