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IPhone SE proves to be a real success for Apple. Numbers don’t lie

After a long wait, Apple launched the new iPhone SE this year. This is a terminal that offers Apple users a very viable option with a price tag of 499 €.

According to a report by the Taiwan Economic Daily, the equipment is being a real success. This is because during the second quarter of 2020 they will have been shipped between 12 and 14 million units equipment.

These are truly impressive numbers, and they prove that Apple’s strategy with this product was the most correct. The development of a new design was sacrificed to offer users a cheaper product with a powerful processor.

These figures are even more important, considering that Apple launched this product in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. Putting it at the € 499 barrier in Portugal, it made it a very affordable product for anyone who simply wanted an iOS device.

If you don’t worry about having the latest design, and simply want an iOS device, this could be the smartphone for you. In addition, it has the same processor as the iPhone 11 – the A13 Bionic.

For this price you receive a device with a 4.7 inch HD screen, which is a rarity in 2020. Furthermore, if you are a fan of Touch ID technology, this is the way to unlock this terminal.

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