Isurus presented its impressive Gaming House in Mexico: this is how the Argentine team’s gamers live

Isurus Gaming, the squad created in 2011 by Facundo Calabró, is once again in the news in the esports industry. This time not with a title in this competitive virtual world, but with the presentation of its remodeled Gaming House in Mexico, made with the largest investment known to date in Latin America.

With an imposing façade, the sharks display 465 m2 covered and 216 m2 uncovered, the dream of any professional gaming player, in the best style of the club double champion of the Latin American League from the League of Legends video game, one of the most important in the esports universe.

It is a project of total remodeling from the old Gaming House, where the players and the coaching staff live, train and compete. The idea arose as a result of the incessant search to bring fans from all over the world closer to the club and generate promotion and dissemination spaces for its sponsors, as well as having a first-line and innovative stage that allows the filming of his reality show “Swim to Win”.

The Gaming House that Isurus has in San Jerónimo, Mexico City.  (Photo: Isurus Gaming)

The Gaming House that Isurus has in San Jerónimo, Mexico City. (Photo: Isurus Gaming)

“The incentive of our followers from China to Argentina, they give us the encouragement to continue revolutionizing the market with digital content worldwide, making our bets increasingly stronger. They are investments that not only position us as a team, but also demonstrate what we are made of and the seriousness and commitment with which we do everything, ”said Facundo Calabró, CEO of Isurus.

“It is an honor that many teams want to follow in our footsteps. Without a doubt, we are doing things well and we are taking firm steps, sowing good relationships with all the teams, that is the most important thing ”, concluded Juan Cyterszpiler, COO and Sports Director of Isurus.

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The amazing and lavish gamer house has eight private rooms, Gaming room with seven state-of-the-art computers, full gym, analysis room, where there are technology devices for total recreation with consoles, arcade and a screen to watch series and movies in 4K ultraHD.

The Gaming House that Isurus has in San Jerónimo, Mexico City.  (Photo: Isurus Gaming)

The Gaming House that Isurus has in San Jerónimo, Mexico City. (Photo: Isurus Gaming)

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Outside, a lower terrace with basketball court and on the upper terrace, fun without the need for electronic devices such as chess, ping-pong, foosball, among many other alternatives. It will also have a dining room in which they can enjoy a healthy diet agreed by their preparers. All these things make it stand out in the entire region.

Regarding its sporting aspect, Isurus Gaming currently competes in the Latin American League of the League of Legends video game. After falling in the final of the Apertura 2020 Before the Chilean All Knight, the Shark continues with the intact chances of achieving its coveted place in the next World Cup in China.

The Counter Strike Isurus team.

The Counter Strike Isurus team.

Another of his squads, the popular first-person shooter Counter Strike: Global Offensive, was awarded in June. a milestone for the Argentine gaming scene beating Detona Gaming de Brasol (3-1) and qualifying for the ESL Pro League Finals. There he will face the best players in the video game world in front of thousands of spectators, as it will be held in person on September 2 in Europe.

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