Landing of the Artemis mission to the moon must be recorded by special camera

NASA is intensely preparing to take the man back to the Moon. The Artemis mission is scheduled for 2024, but the agency is already dedicated to the development of the spacecraft that will transport the astronauts and an almost prosaic device: a camera.

Engineers have been working at ExoCam for about a year. With the equipment, NASA wants to document the landing and also understand how the landing affects the lunar surface. The camera will detach itself from the spacecraft as it approaches the Moon. Then, it will position itself on the surface and record the arrival to the natural satellite.

Two tests have already been carried out. In the first, the team released the camera at a height of 45 meters. In the second, images of the dust cloud created by a hovering spacecraft were recorded. The next step is to film a landing.

According to Jason Mezilis, team leader, the plans for ExoCam are even bigger. He hopes the system will see Tit, Saturn’s moon that can harbor life. For this, further tests will be necessary, since the surface of this natural satellite is extremely delicate.

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