Learn how to block contacts on an Android smartphone

If there’s one thing we’re all familiar with, it’s operator calls that we’re sick of rejecting. Or, it is possible that you also have that contact who calls you uninterruptedly and that, since nothing else works, you want to block.

Today we show you how you can do it, using the Settings of the Android phone or, through an app.

Block contacts using the Android system method

If you have one or more contacts that you want to block, so as not to receive your calls and messages, we explain how. First, you must open the Phone app. Then click on the i button, located on the right side of the contact. Then click on Details and then on the three vertical dots, More, in the lower right corner, and add the contact to the harassment list.

From that moment on, whenever the telephone number tries to contact you, via Call or Message, it will be intercepted by the system. Thus, you will not receive any of these attempts, only a notification of their interception. When calling, the sender will be informed that the number is busy.

In addition, you can also set the default contact to be promptly forwarded to Voicemail.

Whenever you want to consult your list of harassment, Messages or Calls, as well as interceptions already made, you can consult the Manager app. In addition, you can change the interception rules to suit your needs.

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Block contacts through an app

Another alternative is to install the Mr. Number application. Once installed, you must accept that the app is your default calling application and, therefore, you must give it all access.

Then, click Block List and, by accessing the + in the lower right corner, you can choose between “Enter a number”, “Recent calls or text messages”, “Choose from contacts” or “Numbers starting with”. The latter allows blocking, for example, foreign numbers or those associated with service companies.

By clicking on Enter a number, you can also choose the country of origin of the contact to block. Once added to the list, you do not receive the call, but a notification of the attempted contact. In addition to blocking the call on your smartphone, it notifies the sender that the number is busy.

Contrary to the native form of the phone, the app only blocks calls. Still, in Settings, in the lower right corner of the app, you can define which contacts you want to see blocked. For example, if everyone who is not registered in your phone book or calls from private numbers.


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