Lego and Nintendo unite again: they launch a “family” of more than 2,500 pieces and it comes with the first level of Super Mario Bros

LEGO announced a construction set based on the Nintendo Entertainment System, your 8-bit console that this year meets 35 years, and that in Argentina it was known as “Familia”In its different cloned versions.

The “family” was very popular in Argentina and in the world. Its name derives from the original Japanese console, the Family Computer (Famicom), which was launched two years before the NES, in 1983.

Now, Nintendo teams up with Lego to get this adaptation of the North American version of the console.

It goes on the market in the United States on August 1 and the package will include a total of 2,646 pieces, with which you can assemble an NES, an old television (CTR, or “tube”, as before), a control with cable and cartridge for Super Mario Bros.

The complete collection set.  (Nintendo)

The complete collection set. (Nintendo)

And it will come with an 8 bit Mario figure that it can be moved on the TV screen. This set will be compatible with the interactive Mario figure, which is sold separately. Thanks to a special block included in the NES set, the Mario figure will react to enemies, power-ups and obstacles that appear on the screen.

The NES set will be quite expensive: it will have an official price of $ 229.99 and nothing is yet known of his official arrival in Argentina.

An attack of nostalgia multiplied by two

“Super Mario has been a highly appreciated figure in the world of video games for over thirty years, “explained Maarten Simons, creative leader for LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System ™, at the LEGO Group.

“Many adults still fondly remember the first time they saw Mario jump across the small screen, even if the graphics were much simpler than they are today,” he continued.

The components that the game brings.  (Nintendo)

The components that the game brings. (Nintendo)

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“With the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System, we are allowing them to enjoy that nostalgia, recreating one of the most beloved consoles of all time so that they can see Super Mario from childhood once again, and even to share the experience of games in the 80s with their own children, “he summarized.

The set continues the launch of March this year, when the two companies announced an alliance: “It is not a video game or a traditional brick set, but an experience that brings Super Mario to life in the physical world of LEGO”, they had explained from the Danish company.

There, Mario interacted with the “mushroom kingdom” to be able to play “in the real world” with the iconic characters of the saga: Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach, goombas, shy guys and piranha plants. Of course, there was also Mario’s inseparable friend, Yoshi. And Mario even came with sensors that gave “life” to the character.

LEGO Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo / Lego)

LEGO Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo / Lego)

The components and how it works

The 2646-piece kit includes a television, the console, he control and a cartridge with the game Super Mario Bros. The cartridge can be entered into the console but, logically, cannot be played with the equipment. Everything you see is decorative.

The Lego and Nintendo set launches on August 1.  (Nintendo)

The Lego and Nintendo set launches on August 1. (Nintendo)

But the TV comes with a circular sequence that is controlled via a side knob where Mario can be located.

Although Mario’s passage through the level is short, it recreates the famous level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros.

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