Lego and Unity tool allows you to create ‘microgames’ in one hour

You are unlikely to develop a game like “Lego Star Wars” on your own, but you can get much closer to that than you think. Lego and Unity have joined in a new “microgame” project, which allows the player to create a small 3D game in less than an hour, without writing a single line of code, just go through the tutorials in Unity Editor. There are characters ready to be used, and the special blocks have already integrated gameplay actions.

If you want to personalize your experience, you can add creative mods, as well as Asset Store themes that are unlocked as you get involved with your project. For example, just by sharing your game, you will win a “Knight’s Kingdom” package, while a “Danger Zone” will be available to anyone who participates in a Game Jam scheduled for November 19th.

A partnership with BrickLink allows you to import personalized creations by other players from the Lego market online to make the look even more like you. The announcement was made in a Unity blog post. See the trailer released by Unity:

Clearly, this is an effort by the company to encourage newbies to use Unity in their projects, as well as to encourage developers thinking about switching their game engines. Despite the focus on small users, by testing it is possible to see how much the tools of the game engine have progressed over the years. As much as you don’t need to write a game from scratch, without any code, it doesn’t take much to make this an easy process for people interested in the project, even if slightly.

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Hacker uses Lego Super Mario to control virtual Mario

Lego Super Mario was developed so that players could bring to the real world the experience of playing one of the most beloved games of all time. However, for a hacker, that was not enough: the man figured out how to use physical Lego Mario to move virtual Mario in the original Super Mario Bros.

A hardware hacker named Rick used Twitter to demonstrate his creation. As the Lego Mario figure has an integrated gyroscope – to detect the movements of the toy – and Bluetooth – to share this data with an application – it was enough for Rick to develop some personalized code for the piece to be emulated for the MacBook, in which the hacker downloaded the game Super Mario Bros. 1985 original.

Via: Engadget

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