Lego officially announces buildable version of the NES console

After rumors and some leaks – in addition to a teaser revealed – Legoconfirmed the launch of a mountable version of the NES console – popularly known as Nintendinho here. As expected, the console is not functional. However, there is a TV that has a partially static version of the game Super Mario Bros.

With the small character and a hand crank located on the side of the device, the user can control the mustachioed plumber through a phase that passes in the background. The kit also has a component called “Action Brick” that can interact with Lego Mario previously announced by the company.

Once a TV is attached, the character reacts to enemies, obstacles and power-ups displayed on the screen. Obviously, the package would not be complete without a controller and a cartridge. It is possible to open the front of the device so that the cartridge can be placed. The complete kit, which includes more than 2,600 parts to assemble, hits the market on August 1 and costs US $ 229.99 (R $ 1,250 in direct conversion).

Partnership between companies

This is not the first time that Lego has collaborated with Nintendo. A few months ago, the company announced the arrival of a kit that recreates ‘Super Mario Bros.’ stages, with the mustachioed plumber with a screen instead of eyes and paths that can be transformed into a board game.

The set mixes blocks and technology, all simulating the classic plumber’s game. “We had to create this new way of playing together from scratch, because it’s not a video game but also not a Lego,” said Jonathan Bennink, design manager at Lego’s Creative Play Lab. The game was developed for four years until it got off the ground. According to Bennick, the novelty is focused on freely creating stages with bricks that can be modified, adjusted and mixed with each other and with classic Lego pieces.

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The main highlight of the game is Mario himself. The character is much bigger than the traditional Lego dolls and has a small screen, speakers and sensors. “a color sensor, which detects a color palette,” explained Bennink.

“You can also use bricks to create floors and read the pieces, which have a small bar code. Mario has a unique reaction to these bricks: he knows when the floor starts and when he finishes, what is inside the block with a point question and take something from him. Different characters also have the code, so Mario knows whether a good or bad guy “, he added.

As of August 1, game fans will be able to purchase the so-called Lego Super Mario at prices starting at US $ 29.99 (R $ 163 in direct conversion).

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