Leisure opportunities skyrocket online

The leisure and entertainment industry has established itself as one of the main economic pillars throughout the planet, due to the growth experienced by the vast majority of its sectors during the last decade. That yes, this expansion cannot be understood without a determined bet to gain presence through the Internet, since these companies increasingly invest more resources in the digital sphere in order to take advantage of all their opportunities.

At the same time, in our society another parallel phenomenon has been generated that is fundamental in this whole process, since thanks to a practically universal access to the network all the possibilities that a good Internet connection offers us can be exploited to the maximum. Therefore, these companies have developed a coordinated project together with public administrations to promote the reduction of the digital divide and the democratization of mobile devices, something that has reduced the obstacles for anyone to browse the Internet regardless of their age.

One of the last examples of this type of initiative can be seen in the bill that Ayeln Spsito, national legislator for Ro Negro, has presented, through which he intends tobridge the digital divide and boost access to the citizens’ labor market. Thus, we have assumed that technology has become a fundamental tool for accessing any information, communicating or enjoying leisure, so it is essential that basic guarantees are offered for access.

Of course, these types of measures have a direct consequence in many other areas, since investment in the digital environment has been shown to accelerate economic growth in the regions. In fact, this process has already taken place in regions such as the Middle East or Asia, but it also has great potential for development in Latin America.

Streaming platforms, eGaming or dating applications dominate the sector

Within the leisure and entertainment industry, whose companies have led the growth of Internet investment, we must highlight applications dedicated to dating through the network, streaming platforms or companies focused on eGaming, since they are the sectors that have grown the most over the past decade. In addition, all of them have completely superseded their traditional competitors, who have been unable to rival the offer so varied that we can find in the digital sphere.

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A very striking case of this whole processis appreciated in games of chance,who previously needed a large investment in physical space to be able to carry out their commercial activity. However, it has now been shown that an equally satisfactory sensation for the user can be generated through the Internet, meeting the expectations generated while reducing costs.

Thanks to this, a win to win relationship is generated that has also been produced with companies such as Netflix or Tinder, which lead all download rankings monthly. Thus, the customer has guarantees of safety, comfort and speed that were unthinkable a few years ago, so he develops a very favorable consumer experience.

Technology directly influences all aspects of our lives

Likewise, it is worth noting that this phenomenon is unstoppable, because it is expected that over the next few years technology will increasingly influence our lives. In fact, we just have to kick him outa look at the most important technological innovationsThey will arrive in 2020 according to National Geographic, since they demonstrate that they will completely transform our homes, our health systems or the way we move.

Consequently, the opportunities offered by the Internet will continue to increase steadily, so no country should be left behind in these new digital trends. That yes, it is still very difficult to predict what the consequences of all these changes will be, although the results that we are seeing in these months have been very positive in all corners of the planet, because the interconnection has allowed us to take full advantage of the advantages of an increasingly globalized world.


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