LG about to reveal a totally different smartphone than you know!

LG may not even be at the top when it comes to smartphones. However, we do not think that the company will give up. Incidentally, even though it is so, because LG is the only one that would compete with Samsung’s screen innovations.

This new smartphone is basically that. Something you have never seen on the market and which is an innovation that Samsung has also been working on for some years. A “scrollable” smartphone.

This could be LG’s scrollable smartphone

LG foldable smarpthone
Patent of the scrollable smartphone from LG – Let’s Go Digital Credit

The idea is to hide the screen on a small piece of hardware. As soon as you activate the smartphone, the screen “slides” and you have the possibility of interaction.

LG, like Samsung, has already shown us prototypes of scrollable screens, however, we have not yet seen this technology being implemented in a smartphone.

LG’s scrollable smartphone may arrive next year

Rumors indicate that the smartphone may arrive officially next year. To be more concrete, the rumors speak of early 2021.

If so far the South Korean company has yet to reveal a foldable smartphone to us, it is because something surprising is coming. I remember that LG, along with Samsung, is one of the few manufacturers that has the means to build massive screens with this type of technology.

LG, as I mentioned at the beginning, is far from the brand that made an impact on smartphones in the early 10s, however, it is one of the few manufacturers that has “the knife and cheese in hand” to be able to do so. Hopefully you can.

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