Linux Mint 20.1 is here! Is this your OS for 2021?

Have you ever tried the new Linux Mint? A new year can also mean changes! In terms of technology, nowadays the market is vast in solutions and users can easily choose the system with which they most identify. At the level of your machine’s operating system, you can continue with Windows, macOS or switch to a Linux distribution.

Recently, the fabulous Linux Mint 20.1 was released, which may well be your Operating System for 2021.

Linux Mint 20.1 is here!  Is this your OS for 2021?

Linux Mint 20.1 has arrived and in addition to being an excellent operating system, it also supports 5 years since it is an LTS version (long-term support). With this new version there are also several very interesting news.

Remember that Linux Mint is one of the most popular Linux distributions in the world. For those who want to take the first steps in a good alternative to the Windows operating system and also macOS, this is usually one of the suggested Linux distributions, but it is also one of the ones with the largest community.

Linux Mint 20.1 is here!  Is this your OS for 2021?

Main features of Linux Mint 20.1

  • Graphic work environment Cinnamon 4.8 (this is the latest version of this graphical environment. Note that it is a version with excellent performance, stable and requiring little RAM)
  • Nemo file manager now brings possibility to place files as “favorites”. Once a file is marked as a favorite, it can be quickly accessed.
  • Several improvements in the window manager level
  • File manager supports thumbnails of files up to 64 GB
  • This new version already comes with a Chromium web browser package
  • Web Apps manager, the tool to manage Web Apps
  • Hypnotix, the new app for IPTV
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Linux Mint 20.1 is here!  Is this your OS for 2021?

See some news that are present in Linux Mint 20

Impressed by this system? In a next article we will show you how they can easily install. It is true that I already have several articles teaching how to install other versions, but we will do a new tutorial with the new version of VirtualBox. Watch out!

Linux Mint 20.1

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