Little Town Hero turns players into small town heroes

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Ax, the hero of the game “Little Town Hero” lives in a tranquil village. One day the place that nobody is allowed to leave will be invaded by monsters. Now it is up to Ax and his friends Matock and Nelz to put up bitter resistance to the attackers.

Fortunately, Ax found a mysterious stone in a cave. This quickly makes him the strongest fighter far and wide. A perfect opportunity to drive the evil monsters out of the neighborhood again – and to find out the secrets of the heroes’ hometown: Why is nobody allowed to leave the village? And who sent the monsters?

You have to have ideas

“Little Town Hero” combines elements of classic computer role-playing games with a fighting technique that is somewhat reminiscent of trading card games like “Yu-Gi-Oh!” remind. Because Ax and the player begin a fight against a monster not with magical or fighting skills, but with several so-called ideas.

During the fight you can collect more of these “ideas” and you have to combine them in such a way that they destroy the “ideas” of the opponent – until he stands almost unarmed in front of the hero. After winning fights, there are skill points with which Ax can improve his “ideas”.

News from the “Pokémon” maker

The developer of the game is the Japanese studio Game Freak, otherwise known primarily for the various “Pokémon” games. “Little Town Hero” is not directly related to them, but the graphic style shows certain similarities. And as with the “Pokémon” monster hunt, it is always family-friendly despite all the fighting.

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“Little Town Hero” is released for ages 6+ and is available for Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. A PC version is to follow. As a download, the game costs around 25 euros, depending on the platform, the disc version with a few extras costs just under 50 euros.


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