macOS continues to crash! Is it the fault of GNU / Linux?

In recent times we have seen a “strange” trend in the operating systems segment. Linux distributions have been growing, but on the other hand, macOS has been losing ground. Despite the various analyzes, there is still no consensus as to why this scenario is happening.

Will Linux be able to catch macOS?

Illustration macOS and GNU / Linux operating systems

According to the latest report from Netmarketshare, Windows 10 remains the most important system in the operating system market. According to data, Windows 10 is currently responsible for 87.03% of the market for operating systems. This is followed by macOS with 8.95% and Linux with 3.57%.

Taking into account the comparison between June and July, Windows grew almost 0.35%, Linux dropped about 0.1% and the systems of the Cupertino company lost 0.27%. In the past month, Linux has slightly lost ground, but macOS has lost even more. The Apple system has been seeing its numbers dropping this April this year.

Remember that, in the face of confinement, many users may have chosen to install Linux distributions on older machines they had at home.

MacOS continues to crash!  Is it the fault of GNU / Linux?

Linux attacks macOS! Will it succeed?

There is not exactly a consensus regarding the opinion of this scenario. It is true that Linux systems have been evolving, but Apple’s system has also gained new features and versions. Linux is still a long way from catching up with macOS, but growth in a few months leads to reflections.

In the past month, Windows seems to have taken advantage of its competitors’ crashes, but Linux has seen incredible growth. It remains for us to wait for the next month to understand what will happen.

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