Majority says it will install and use Portuguese app for tracing to COVID-19

The theme of mobile applications for monitoring COVID-19 raises several questions and divides the opinion of people in general. On the one hand, there are those who see this as one of the best forms of disease control and prevention. But on the other hand, there are several considerations that cause fear in people, such as the possible compromise of the privacy of those who use these tools.

Thus, in our last weekly question we asked our readers if they intend to install and use the Portuguese app for tracing to COVID-19. We will know all the results.

Will you install and use the Portuguese app for tracing to COVID-19?

After last week’s question is finished, the disclosure of all results now follows.

We received a total of 2,892 responses, but voters’ opinions are divided. However, most readers, with 52% of the votes, answered that YES, will use and install the Portuguese app for tracing to COVID-19 (1,490 votes).

In its turn, 48% replied that they are NOT going to install and use the national mobile application for coronavirus screening and monitoring (1,402 votes).

Graph results

In short, these results reinforce and confirm what was already suspected through the analysis of the opinion of several people. This subject is not at all unanimous and has caused much controversy among the Portuguese.

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StayAway COVID: the Portuguese app may arrive soon

At COVID-19 mobile monitoring applications are one of the ways to contain the spread of the virus. These applications signal infected users and alert others who have been close to them.

Each mobile phone broadcasts anonymous identifiers in its vicinity and stores the identifiers disseminated by the mobile phones with which it crosses locally. This information will allow you to detect your proximity to an infected person.

According to the information, the Portuguese app for tracing to the coronavirus will designate yourself StayAway COVID and should be ready soon.

But if you haven’t answered this question, tell us now if you are going to install and use the Portuguese app for tracing to COVID-19.

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