“Maneater” makes players scare the seas

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – There are countless legends surrounding the shark as a supposedly malicious feeding machine, constantly fed by entertaining trash films such as “Sharknado”. Now the predator with its many teeth is also a video game hero: In “Maneater” by Tripwire Interactive, players draw a pixel blood trail through the animated ocean.

It starts with a researching juvenile shark that swims around the ocean all by itself and seeks revenge. Why? Because his shark mom was sneakily murdered by fishermen. On the revenge campaign, the aim is to gradually build up more and more body mass in various missions by eating fish and unsuspecting swimmers – and thus increasing strength and speed.

Eat, bite, grow

For example, power is what counts when you have to break through the shut-off grille of a drain pipe. There are mostly human dwellings behind a drain. And that means: feed! While the shark feeds through the great animated underwater world by means of a tail fin blow or bite attack, there are always cutscenes that explain the next order.

For example, in a mission called “Surf & Turf”, players have to let the hungry shark jump out of the water on a bathing beach to eat sun-hungry bathers. It is obvious that this little bloodbath does not go unnoticed – and suddenly the players find themselves in a wild battle with heavily armed Coast Guard boats.

Pseudo-documentation with black humor

This example already shows that “Maneater” does not take his scenario and himself very seriously. Instead, black humor and the typical tongue-in-cheek charm of trash cinema dominate – including a narrative voice that comments on particularly successful actions as in an animal documentary. Only with a lot of mischief.

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If you like “Sharknado” and Co., you should also warm up with “Maneater”. It’s definitely worth it: Because behind the garish exterior there is a sophisticated, elaborately produced game with a freely explorable underwater game world – full of very special fish food.

“Maneater” is available for around 40 euros on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. A version for Nintendo Switch is expected to follow later this year.


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