“Mars Horizon” is sophisticated space travel for technology fans

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – The moon was yesterday. The next big goal of space travel mankind is Mars. But to reach the red planet, it takes years of planning and numerous technical developments. And that is exactly what the construction simulation “Mars Horizon” from the British developer studio Auroch Digital is about.

As the head of a large space organization, players began in the 1950s. The goal: A flight to the red planet – and that needs to be prepared in every detail. Before a rocket can even take off into the air, a space center has to be found. There are also research laboratories, training facilities, launch pads and everything else that NASA and Co. need.

Into the vastness of space

The next step is to successfully complete many smaller missions: new rockets have to be developed and tested, satellites and spaceships have to be sent into the vastness of space. Many of the missions are research missions, the results of which flow directly into the preparation of the great journey to Mars.

“Mars Horizon” is not a game for the impatient and space travel cowboys – but rather for space travel fans who enjoy analytical puzzles and thorough planning: For example, they have to decide again and again how much time is spent on researching certain drives should. Of course, brisk research can lead to short-term success. But how does the new technology react on a long flight?

The world wants to see success

In spite of all long-term research, short-term goals must not be forgotten: only those who regularly present successful space missions to the world will get the money they need to continue their successful research. However, those who incessantly cause misfortunes and missteps will not get very far in this game. Pretty tricky!

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“Mars Horizon” by Auroch Digital and The Irregular Corporation has been released for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and costs around 18 euros.

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