MediaTek beats Qualcomm and is the largest smartphone SoC maker

With the smartphone market growing, SoC manufacturers have an opportunity to grow and increase their sales. The new proposals keep coming and show how these devices manage to grow and offer even more to users.

After having seen Qualcomm take a leading role in 5G SoC, there is a new report that shows that this scenario does not yet give it full dominance. MediaTek eventually gained a dominant position and is already the largest manufacturer of SoC for smartphones.

MediaTek SoC Qualcomm smartphone market

New domain in the SoC market

MediaTek is not, as a rule, one of the SoC manufacturers chosen to equip smartphones from major brands. Relegated to equip the mid-range, it tends to have offers for smartphones normally with less resources and with lower specifications.

This scenario has recently changed with the proposals that were being presented, having today a very interesting range of proposals. As a result of this change and the new approach, MediaTek will now be at the top of smartphone processor sales.

MediaTek SoC Qualcomm smartphone market

MediaTek overtook Qualcomm

The data was presented by Counterpoint and reveals that the brand rose to the top in the 3rd quarter of 2020, leaving Qualcomm in the second position. This change placed the two brands at 2% difference, with an annual growth of 5%.

The list goes on with Samsung, HiSilicon (Huawei), Apple and UNISOC. The first 3 brands achieve a similar position, with 12% and the last, UNISOC has 4%. It is curious to see that HiSilicon, which makes SoC for Huawei, has maintained its market share for several quarters, even with the US blockade.

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MediaTek SoC Qualcomm smartphone market

Growth comes from smartphone sales

The 29% that Qualcomm achieves reflects the adhesion that the market has to smartphones with 5G. Sales of equipment with this technology was 17%, which boosted the brand, but still not enough to put the brand at the top.

This position of MediaTek reflects the posted brand in the mid range in the SoCs that equip these smartphones. It is a victory for the brand, which has long been in the shadow of its direct competitor and which has dominated the market.


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