meet the Huntsman Mini, the new keyboard from Razer

Developed from feedback from the gamer community, peripheral 40% smaller than conventional ones

American Razer has just announced its new optical keyboard: the Huntsman Mini. The peripheral is 40% smaller than the conventional ones, with audible click button versions and with the new switches. The brand promises to improve the performance of gamers during matches.

With finishes in black or mercury white, and switches that can be purple (with audible click) or red (linear optical), the Razer Huntsman Mini is expected to arrive in Brazil in August this year. The suggested price of the peripheral is R $ 1,199.


Razer Huntsman Mini with black finish. Photo: Divulgao / Razer


Razer Huntsman Mini with mercury white finish. Photo: Divulgao / Razer

Direct from the community

For the development of the Mini Huntsman, Razer sought to hear feedback from the gamer community. The reduced size facilitates transport and adapts more easily in limited spaces, such as gaming houses and face-to-face tournament stands.

Alvin Cheung, senior vice president of Razer’s Peripherals Business Unit, praised the keyboard development process. “We have many years of experience creating and innovating keyboards and switches for gamers, and this work is complemented by support and feedback from our community, “he said. Cheung also reinforces that the launch has “the latest and best technology”.

Peripheral differentials

Despite being 60% the size of a conventional keyboard, the Huntsman Mini has all the essential gaming keys in their physical configuration, in addition to additional features on the available keys. Players can also configure macros and lighting effects on their keys, using the Razer Hypershift and Razer Synapse 3 software.

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In addition, the new enhanced linear optical switch – available for the first time on the Huntsman Mini – has a silicone protector that significantly reduces key noise, but without compromising the speed or smoothness of the click.


The switches can be purple (with audible click) or red (linear optical). Photo: Divulgao / Razer

To increase durability and the original appearance, the peripheral keys were developed with a more durable material than the ABS and PVC keys, normally used by the industry.

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