Metal Slug is back, the classic of the ‘fichines’ of the 90s: on cell phones and with renewed graphics

Metal slug he was absent for more than a decade. But it is a saga that lives in the hearts of many who played it in the “fichines” of the coast in the 90s. And now it returns: on cell phones, with renewed graphics and made by the company that prepares the next game of Pokemon.

The game for now is called Metal Slug Code: J as working title and it is, as always, a “run and gun” type side shooter. As it will be on mobile, it will have virtual buttons on the screen, as well as an analog device to manage shooting, aiming and moving, along with other actions.

In a frantic game like Metal Slug it remains to be seen if this will work well on mobile, but the art style and music seem to be perfect for the series.

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Vehicles will also be available, giving extra firepower and armor. This was always necessary to advance and deal with some of the most powerful bosses in the game.

Metal Slug returns ornate.  (SNK)

Metal Slug returns ornate. (SNK)

While a mobile game might not be exactly what Metal Slug fans were expecting, developer Timi Studios has a good track record. He previously co-developed Call of Duty: Mobile and is currently working on Pokemon Unite, the recently announced MOBA for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Metal Slug Code: J Does not have a release date yet, but at least you can see the progress.

Several of the original games are available at Nintendo Switch.

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