Microsoft closes almost all its stores in the world

Microsoft announced this Friday that it is going to close almost all of its stores in the world: according to the Bill Gates company, the bulk of sales are made online and there is no point in maintaining them.

The Redmon giant indicated that it will gather $ 450 million to cover impairment of assets under this decision, which will be recorded in their accounts for the current quarter that closes on June 30.

The hundred stores closed during the coronavirus pandemic will not reopen, said the company that will create “Microsoft Experience Centers” in London, New York, Sydney and at its Redmon headquarters in western Washington state. The number of jobs to be lost due to this decision was not immediately available.

Our sales progressed online“and the teams” demonstrated their ability to serve our customers beyond physical ties, “said David Porter, vice president of brands, in a statement.

Microsoft closes its physical stores. (AFP)

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“Our teams will continue to serve our customers from our offices or from your home“Porter added in a note on Linkedin, the professional network that belongs to the group.

Microsoft estimates that online sales sites, including Xbox and Windows, are visited by more than 1.2 billion people every month in 190 markets.

Microsoft will invest in online tutorials, video calls, and other customer and partner support tools.

The group considers itself well positioned to get through the crisis, in particular thanks to the explosion of the “cloud“o cloud. Also the firm can count on its programs and services linked to telework, distance education and video games.

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