Microsoft gave the Windows 10 Start Menu something everyone will love

Microsoft has been betting on Windows 10 almost exclusively. The software giant wants to make this system even better and that is why it has brought unique novelties that make it a unique tool and the choice of the majority.

One of the bets on Windows 10 has been the Start Menu, where there have been many changes, mainly graphics. A new one has now been introduced by Microsoft and completely changes this component, which has not always been treated well.

Windows 10 Start Menu novelty Microsoft colors

A relevant novelty from Microsoft

One of the most well-known elements of Windows 10, the Start Menu has undergone many changes over the years. If in the previous version it was about to disappear, it is now present and even more relevant for users.

Microsoft has been betting on improving it and making it more appealing and so now it has something new. The software giant reformulated this area, mainly in aesthetic terms and with a focus on the colors used to present the application icons.

Windows 10 Start Menu novelty Microsoft colors

The Start Menu has new colors

The most visible change is even the removal of the heavier and static colors that were behind the icons. This area is now associated with the system colors and even the lightest or darkest mode, which is already available in Windows 10.

So, in a simple way, there is a much smaller difference between these elements, which makes the Start Menu more pleasant to use. There is still the disappearance of Live Tiles, which cease to be present in this area of ​​Windows 10.

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There are other improvements in Windows 10

In this release that has now been made, Microsoft has also changed areas such as notifications, which now have the app icon that caused it. There’s also a simple, one-button way to quickly close the notification

Another novelty, which is not less, despite not being graphic and visible, is in Alt + Tab. If until now it only allowed to switch between applications, Microsoft decided to change the behavior. With a simple configuration, you can switch between Edge tabs.

Windows 10 Start Menu novelty Microsoft colors

Finally, the Taskbar has also been changed and is more aware of the apps that are running and active. Thus, the icons of this will adapt and show even more information to the user, to help him at all times.

These news are now on the Dev channel of the Insiders program, and on a small number of users chosen by Microsoft. They will be improved and analyzed to reach all users in a future update of Windows 10.


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