Microsoft has changed and it is no longer possible to postpone Windows 10 updates

Windows 10 updates have brought complex and problematic processes to users of this system. Microsoft tries to make these stable and trouble-free, but it hasn’t been able to.

To help overcome these issues, Windows 10 had the possibility to prevent its installation for a maximum period of 1 year. This has now been removed and only gives users the option to postpone them for 35 days.

Windows 10 updates Microsoft users postpone

More difficult to postpone updates

With the arrival of the May 2020 update, Microsoft changed one of the most important Windows definitions. This allowed the administrators of this system to ensure that updates were postponed until a maximum period of 365 days.

This ensured that updates could be paused until all problems were resolved. Now, and with just this period, things can get more complex for companies, where this scenario was possible.

Windows 10 now has new settings for this

The given permissions now place the Pro, Enterprise and Education versions on the same level as the Windows 10 Home. The settings allow only a maximum of 35 days of break, in order to keep the most updated machines.

Windows 10 updates Microsoft users postpone

According to what Microsoft revealed in its documentation, this situation should become permanent in the future. Its justification is related to the possible situation of confusion that this option could cause, leading to the machines being out of date.

Microsoft changed users’ lives

The good news is that the option was actually only removed from the user interface. This can be applied again, but administrators need to resort to a change in Windows policy to get it back.

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This is certainly not good news for Windows machine administrators. They are thus obliged to be updated more frequently, often with problems still present. For Microsoft it is a positive thing, since it has more machines updated and in the latest versions of Windows 10.


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